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GETIDA is an FBA auditing company, authorized on the Amazon AppStore, and specializes in maximizing FBA reimbursements for Amazon sellers of all sizes. Many FBA claims can be missed by sellers and other companies due to the complexity of reconciling Amazon's data, and the depth levels such a process can require. GETIDA also handles complex claims like overcharged Pick and Pack fees. On average, GETIDA can recover about 1%-3% of sellers' annual FBA revenue, even for sellers who already audited their accounts.

Get $400 in free FBA reimbursements with GETIDA.

VAA is the world’s only company specializing in Virtual Assistant services for Amazon sellers. VAA was established in 2017 by Gilad and Hila Freimann, who operate a successful private label Amazon business of their own.

They specialize in locating, screening, training and supporting high quality Amazon VAs in the Philippines, matching them with Amazon sellers all over the world.

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Post Purchase PRO specializes in helping Amazon sellers create more sales, ranking, and reviews through post purchase marketing.
The only done-for-you email marketing service for Amazon sellers.

Finally, your email marketing can be actively managed by professionals with over 30 years of experience so you can focus on running your business.They build, manage and optimize the entire marketing channel for you!

Get a free copy of a new book "Private Label Millionaire Secrets".

Northbound Group is your path to a premium exit. They are the most advanced Amazon and eCommerce planning and valuation system available.

They offer an unrivalled blend of synergistic skills and services to help you maximize the value you receive from your business: strategic finance, business sale, corporate development, merge and acquisition advisement and supplier negotiations.
Their team is purpose-driven to get life changing results for their clients. Don't do the biggest deal of your life alone!

Strategic planning and designing your ideal exit are a complex topic. Reach out to Northbound Group today!

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