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  • Discover proven strategies to boost your product listing rankings so you’re always one step ahead of the competition.
  • Learn from more than 30 master marketers who will teach you everything they know about finding and selling highly profitable products – even if you have no prior experience.
  • Choose from multiple live online sessions every day and get answers to all of your Amazon FBA questions from 7-figure Amazon experts.
  • Stay on top of all the Amazon changes to outrank your competitors, make more sales, and profitably scale up your e-commerce business.

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Here’s what they enjoyed about our summit in 2020

Extremely valuable

Thank you for extremely valuable content. Tons of useful info to use in my business.

Priit Selg (Estonia)

My utmost appreciation

I’m grateful for Augustas and his Team, and to all the Speakers for this awesome Summit. I’ve learned and gained so much knowledge!! Thank you thank you!! :-)))

Kim Lien Hoang (US)

Up-to-date and useful

These virtual summits help all of us non-USA sellers to keep up in the competitive Amazon market. Thank you for bringing these specialists to us.

Pachedu (Australia)

Amazing overall event

Thank you for this event and I learned a lot of things from all of it. It’s been a wonderful event and I enjoyed it.

Earl John Esteban (Philippines)

Incredible sessions

Augustas, your events keep getting better and better. I have been listening to your events for probably 5 years now. I wished I would have reserved more time to listen to more sessions!

Ronald Quiring (US)

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Day 0 - June 26, 2022Kick Off Webinar with CARBON6


Join us to see what Seller Fest Online has prepared for you, also meet the 3 video hosts and a special guest from CARBON6. Don't miss the chance to win some prizes as well!

Clayton Atchison

Director of Affiliates at Carbon6


Founder at Orange Klik


Co-Host at Orange Klik


Co-Host at Orange Klik

Day 1 - June 27, 2022How To Find Your Next Best-Selling Products

Kian Golzari

Founder Sourcing with Kian

Recent changes in sourcing from China

If you are sourcing or about to source from China, you need to be aware of the recent changes happening as of now. This session will provide all of the things you should be aware of.

Brandon Young

Founder and Lead Instructor at Seller Systems

Developing Products At Scale Using Data

Whether you are just starting to sell, or whether you are already doing 7 and 8 figures annually, you will need to continuously find, validate, and develop new products. We will show you the fastest and most efficient ways to validate a product through keyword research and competitor data.

Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan

Founder of Private Label Legion

Non-Amazon product research to find your next winner on Amazon

In this session, you will learn a new way of finding your next best-selling product on Amazon.


Head of Marketing & Growth at First Choice Shipping

Important Steps to becoming an International Brand on Amazon

This session will be about Important steps to becoming an international brand on Amazon. Ryan will share exciting international GROWTH data, where brands are looking to invest in their expansion and of course, some shipping best practices. He will also share some of the costly MISTAKES that sellers fall into when they scale.

Gary Huang

Gary Huang

CEO at 8020 Sourcing

Amazon Sourcing Algorithm

In this session, you will learn the best up-to-date recommendations to source from different countries.

Speaker panel: What You Need To Know About Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

Discover the key differences between FBA and WFS and how you can breeze through the Walmart application process. Learn the secrets to winning the Buy Box to reach brand prominence and massive sales.

Carrie Miller

Brand Evangelist at Helium 10

Meghna Bhalla

Ecommerce Associate at Perpetua

Othmane Sghir

CEO & Co-Founder at DataHawk

Day 2 - June 28, 2022: Increase Your Profitability With High-Level Optimization

Jana Krekic

Jana Krekic

Founder and CEO at YLT Translations

How to beat your competitors on international marketplaces

In this session, you will learn how to get ahead of your competitors with optimized listings.

Norman Farrar

Founder - Lunch with Norm Podast

Listing optimization for Walmart

Walmart is becoming a new channel for Amazon sellers. In this session, you will learn what does it take to create a product listing on Walmart.com that sells.

Robyn Johnson

CEO of Marketplace Blueprint

Using Psychographics to Build Compelling Copy That Converts for Amazon

As competition rises on Amazon, having a keyword-rich title and bullets is not enough to get your listing noticed. In this presentation, we will discuss how you can use psychographics to write copy and create images that will out convert your competitors. You can also use this in product development and creating expansion products for your product mix on Amazon.

Vanessa Hung

CEO at Online Seller Solutions, Catalog Ninja and Seller Central Expert

How to use flat files to POWER UP my Amazon listings?

Using Amazon category templates or flat files are the best tool you can use to build your listings. In this session, Vanessa will show you the power of flat files, the most important templates, how to download, upload, and use them to build your listings.

Kamaljit Singh

CEO and Founder of AMZ One Step

Increase conversions with visual references

In this session you will see stats, examples, and learn the importance of visual references and why sellers should use them to increase the conversion rate.

Speaker panel: How To Rank #1 On Amazon To Double Your Sales

Learn how to separate your products from a vast sea of competitors by ranking higher with high converting listings. You’ll walk away with real strategies for dramatically improving your search visibility, click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR).

Jon Tilley ZonGuru

Jon Tilley

Chief Executive Officer at ZonGuru

Anthony Cofrancesco

Director Of Business Development at Data Dive

Emma Schermer-Tamir

Owner and Marketing Expert at Marketing by Emma

Day 3 - June 29, 2022: How To Build A Brand That Stands Out In A Crowded Market

Marcel Marculescu

CEO at intelliRANK Agency

Make more voices talk about your brand using social media

Discover the strategy on how to create a brand using social media by creating a community that helps your products gain more visibility.

Amy Wees

CEO at Amazing at Home

Easy funnels to build your brand off of Amazon

You want to build your brand off Amazon, but you aren't sure where to start?  In this session you will be walked through some easy funnels you can use to get the emails of your customers, without breaking terms of service.

Yoni Mazor

Yoni Mazor

Co-founder & CGO at GETIDA

5 reasons for selling & investing in your Amazon business

Selling on Amazon is still one of the most effecrtive ways a person can jump start a viable online business and succeed. It is not easy, it has many challenges, but many entreprenuers worldwide are still finding tremendous success and growth opportunities in the Amazon marketplace. We will be covering 5 main reasons of why you should keep selling and investing in your Amazon account. You have worked so hard already to be in the Amazon business. It helps to touch base with the main reasons you should keep focusing on what you do and keep doing it better!

Andrew Morgans


How brands can emotionally connect with customers

Learning to connect with your audience virtually with emotions is easier said than done. In this session, you will learn how to connect to your buyer emotionally. The human mind feels emotion faster than it processes logic, and having an intentional strategy behind how you execute your strategy on Amazon is paramount to success today more than ever. Learn how to navigate these challenges, and thinking outside the box when it comes to storytelling on the Amazon platform.

Jérôme de Guigné

Founder & CEO of e-Comas

why is it important to have an Amazon brand and what are the advantages of building one

From small businesses to global juggernauts the question of whether to sell on Amazon is a pressing issue. Amazon is the first channel consumers turn to when conducting a product search online ahead of even Google. 40.4% of all eCommerce sales in the United Sates are now generated on Amazon’s platform and Amazon has more than 200 million monthly visitors. For any business regardless of size those are impressive numbers.

Day 4 - June 30, 2022: The Best Amazon PPC Strategies (2022)

Destaney Wishon

CEO of BetterAMS

Preparing Your PPC for Prime Day

With one of the largest sales holidays of the year rapidly approaching, we want to give actionable tips on how to best prepare your brand for the day!

Canaan Schladale-Zink

Chief Revenue Officer

New Best Practices for E-Commerce Marketing

How and where to utilize AI and machine learning for marketplace sellers.

Chris Rawlings

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

How to cut your TACoS in half - Rare PPC hacks

After launching over 2,000 products on Amazon.com, Chris shares his most up to date hacks and strategies he and his team uses to regularly cut in half the TACoS of his brands. You are guaranteed to learn strategies you haven't heard of, many of which have just become possible in Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 of 2022.

Ritu Java

CEO at PPC Ninja

Optimizing Advertising Campaign Placements

When you run an ad on Amazon, the algorithm gets to pick where your ad will be shown based on your bids, your campaign settings and past performance. Not all placements are equal. Some are more valuable than others because of the amount of visibility or conversions they bring you. In this session, we will learn about optimizing your placements, a unique way of looking at PPC optimization.

Lucas Kwiatkowski

Founder of Nomadz

How to Advertise Variation Listings

How to allocate spend and expectations properly for variation listings. Letting the best seller do its thing but showing how to spread out spend to all other variations.

Speaker panel: Why Are My PPC Ads Not Converting?

There are a lot of possible reasons your Amazon Ad Campaigns might not be working as well as you’d like. We’ll discuss the most common problems here, as well as the quickest and most effective solutions. This panel alone can save you hundreds of hours and prevent you from wasting a lot of money on poorly performing campaigns.

Brian Johnson


Co-founder at Canopy Management

Liran Hirschkorn

Incrementum Digital

Day 5 - July 1, 2022: How to Rank on the First Page of Amazon

Clayton Atchison

Amazon Seller, Director of Affiliates at Carbon6

Amazon attribution & why you should be pushing external traffic to your Amazon listing/Store

My presentation will be about Amazon Attribution, the importance of sending external traffic to your Amazon listing or store and how it affects your ranking. We will also touch on what big brands have been doing for years (retargeting) that is now easier to do than ever for Amazon Sellers.


Founder of My Amazon Guy

How to use SEO to Increase Market Share

In this live demonstration, you will see the new search query report.

Matt Parker

Co-Founder & MD at Pinformative Group

Creating optimized images on Pinterest to drive Organic traffic to your Amazon listings

In this session, you will learn a new approach on how to get free organic traffic to your listing using Pinterest. 

Brandon Nutter

CTO & Co-Founder at Ampd

Get above the competition with Google Ads

This session will explain you why and how you should run Google ads to drive traffic of off Amazon.

Paul Harvey

Owner of Rankster

Why every Amazon seller should be on TikTok

Paul will talk us through how TikTok is a way of advertising your product that not many of your competitors are using. Also, how to get started on TikTok, find influencers and run ads to your Amazon products.

Meet Your Hosts For Seller Fest 2022

augustas kligys

Known in the business simply as the “Amazon Summits Guy”, Augustas is committed to providing others with the opportunity to achieve success by offering powerfully informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller. Since 2016 he has recorded over 500 sessions with Amazon industry leaders, experts and speakers. Augustas is also the founder of Orange Klik Company and the following in-person events for Amazon sellers: European Seller Conference, Seller Fest and PPC Congress.


lisett lees

Lisett is an Amazon FBA Expert and Strategist who works with different brands helping them to stay on top of the Amazon game. She advises business owners on setting goals and managing the store, helps to create optimised product pages and use Seller Central tools to build the best customer experience for the buyers in order to get more sales for the sellers. Since she started out in 2016 as an Amazon virutal assistant, her mission has been to help businesses run their Amazon stores cost-and time efficiently. She is also a video host on Orange Klik Youtube channel interviewing industry experts to help spread the Amazon related know-how.

Here’s Everything You're Going To Learn At This Free Virtual Event:

During this event you’ll ace the essential parts of running a successful business on Amazon

Day 1: How To Find Your Next Best-Selling Products

If you want to secure financial freedom in your life with an Amazon FBA business, then you have to find and market the right products. That means knowing how to avoid mediocre products that won’t deliver real profits.

On Day 1, you’ll learn the exact steps used by the most successful sellers on Amazon to find profitable products that will become bestsellers and deliver a winning, passive-income generating business. You’ll also learn the best techniques to drive external traffic to your product listing and how to effectively use other free marketing opportunities available on Amazon.

Day 2: Increase Your Profitability With High-Level Optimization

Boost your sales and product rankings by building the best possible listing.


  • What makes the perfect product title.
  • How to write bullet points and product descriptions that make it impossible for your audience NOT to buy your product.
  • How to select the right high-quality images and catchy infographics to grab attention quickly.

Everything you learn on Day 2 is geared to make sure your products always show up in Amazon searches with high conversion rates and profit margins that enable you to profitably scale your business.

Day 3: How To Build A Brand That Stands Out In A Crowded Market

Learn how to develop a loyal following by creating your own high-quality brand to sell. Create raving fans by establishing yourself as the #1 brand in your niche to take out your competition and stay on top – even if you’re a small seller.

You’ll also learn the most effective ways you can use social media to build your private-label brand, as well as how the right branding can enable you to sell your products for higher prices (and profit margins). 

You’ll even walk away with step-by-step instructions for easy to build sales funnels that generate high conversion rates while also helping you land repeat buyers and strong word of mouth! 

Keyword research, listing opt, ranking

Day 4: The Best Amazon PPC Strategies (2022)

If you want to be successful on Amazon in 2022 and beyond, you need to have a great Amazon PPC strategy.

Learn how to choose the right goals and target KPIs, as well as boost your visibility to reach more shoppers.

Discover how to optimally setup and run your Amazon Sponsored Ad campaigns – before you spend a dime on the wrong strategy.

Unlock the right ways to bid on your search terms to maximize your exposure and profits. And get insider tactics to finding profitable keywords to boost your sales.

Day 5: How to Rank on the First Page of Amazon

Our Amazon SEO experts will show you proven strategies to make sure your products get listed on the first page of Sponsored Products.

Get the latest information on how to take advantage of the Amazon algorithm to boost your product rankings and discover how sales velocity impacts your ranking.

We’ll even show you how to leverage the most effective social media channels like Pinterest and TikTok, how to dramatically increase your sales with paid Google ads and how to work with influencers to drive mass traffic to your Amazon products.

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Since 2016 Orange Klik produced 8 virtual summits and 5 in-person conferences. Seller Fest Online is the 9th virtual summit in the company's history.


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