25+ Amazon Experts Will Show You How to Launch Winning Products, Build a Successful Amazon Business and Increase Sales

25+ live interactive Sessions Teaching you actionable techniques to Grow your Amazon Business will be streamed on:

November 14-18, 2022


What makes Seller Fest Online different?

Seller Fest Online is not a regular virtual summit - we're doing things completely differently!

Rather than providing a bunch of pre-recorded sessions, we're streaming the event online, so you can interact with Amazon experts live and get your questions answered.
  • Get lifetime access to 25+ training sessions from Amazon industry experts
  • Enjoy short sessions with actionable advice you can apply immediately to stay ahead of the competition (perfect for busy entrepreneurs)
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced level of Amazon FBA private label sellers
  • Hundreds of hours went into bringing you the best presentations and insights for your Amazon business

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What Attendees of Our Events Are Saying?

Here’s what they enjoyed in our previous summits

Up-to-date and useful

These virtual summits help all of us non-USA sellers to keep up in the competitive Amazon market. Thank you for bringing these specialists to us.

- Pachedu (Australia)

My utmost appreciation

I’m grateful for Augustas and his Team, and to all the Speakers for this awesome Summit. I’ve learned and gained so much knowledge!! Thank you thank you!! :-)))

- Kim Lien Hoang (US)


As a new seller, I thought Seller Fest was outstanding - broad-ranging, up to date, full of excellent content, and very well presented with a wide variety of highly experienced and expert speakers. Really well done!

- Paul B. (UK)
CFO at KiWi Power

Incredible sessions

Augustas, your events keep getting better and better. I have been listening to your events for probably 5 years now. I wished I would have reserved more time to listen to more sessions!

- Ronald Quiring (US)

Live Interactive Sessions by 20+ Amazon Experts

You will get lifetime access to in-depth expert video sessions with leading Amazon and eCommerce experts.

Day 1 - Amazon Product launches

November 14, 2022

Tim Jordan

CEO & Founder of Private Label Legion

How to do Amazon keyword research for product launch like an expert?

Map different options to gather keyword data from using Amazon internal tools to different softwares. Learn how to select initial keywords for your new product listing and its PPC campaigns to prepare for a successful launch.

Bradley Sutton

Chief Evangelist & Director of Training at Helium 10

How to use the Amazon Honeymoon Period correctly to have a successful product launch?

Understand what Honeymoon Period really means for launching new products and learn a strategy how to use this unique product life phase to boost first sales and product ranking.


VP of Sales & Partnerships at DataHawk

How to read Amazon competitor analysis data to use it for your advantage?

Discover what important data about competitor products is available and learn how to analyze it to improve your own product page and keyword optimization to reach more customers.  


Founder at AMZ Clever

How to use Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer and Brand Analytics to validate a product idea and prepare for a launch?

Have a walkthrough of the latest Amazon new tool and learn how to step-by-step use the data it provides to validate your new product ideas and find new product niches with low competition and high revenue potential.

Day 2 - Amazon SEO, Keywords & Ranking

November 15, 2022

Christian Otto Kelm

Vice President Product at Amalyze

How to find and use Amazon competitor keywords to improve your own product?

Learn how to find and identify relevant competitors to reverse lookup their most profitable product listing keywords which could increase your product’s revenue when including them to your product listing keywords or copy.

Jason Mastromatteo

Account Director at My Amazon Guy

How to use Amazon Search Query Report to improve your product’s marketing funnel?

Hear about the latest update of the Amazon’s Search Query Report tool and learn how to use the tool’s data to optimize your listings to another level. Understand different market share scenarios to identify where and how you should focus on to get your products seen and sold.

Vanessa Hung

CEO at Online Seller Solutions

How to use Amazon Flat Files and fix your listing’s Spanish translation?

Have a walkthrough of using Amazon flat files to upload more keywords and correct product information to improve your product’s SEO and discover a hack to fix your listing’s Spanish translation to target even more keywords.

Jon Tilley

CEO  & Entrepreneur at ZonGuru

How to do Amazon product SEO to increase product’s visibility?

Learn about different methods that will help you to improve the optimisation of your Amazon product page by targeting the strongest and weakest keywords your competitors are using to maintain good product ranking and sales volume.

Destaney Wishon

CEO & CMO at BetterAMS

How to rank on Amazon and outsell your competitors?

Understand what are the root problems that cause a drop in the organic ranking of your product and learn how you can put together a bullet proof ranking strategy to outsell your competitors.

Day 3 - Amazon Listing Optimisation

November 16, 2022

Kamal Singh

CEO & Founder of AMZ ONE STEP

5 steps for creating Amazon listing video from planning to filming

Learn step-by-step how to create an Amazon listing video starting with planning out the video to actually filming it. Understand why Amazon listing videos are important to help build confidence in customers to make the purchase decision.

Chris Rawlings

Founder - Chief Executive Officer at Sophie Society

How and why should you build an Amazon Premium A+ content as soon as possible?

Have a walkthrough of one of the newest features on Amazon available for brand registered sellers and learn how and why you should upgrade your old A+ content to new premium version to stay ahead of your competition.

Andrew Morgans

Founder at Marknology

How to have a well converting listing by nailing in Amazon listing photography?

See exactly which type of Amazon product listing images convert the best and learn how you could plan and shoot Amazon product photos which help to convert your product viewers to buyers.

Daniela Bolzmann

Co-Founder and CEO at Mindful Goods

How to design an Amazon brand store that helps to increase sales?

Discover the real power of having well structured and designed Amazon storefront and learn how to create one for your store to connect with customers and sell more products.

Speaker Panel

How to master Amazon product listing optimization? Ask the experts

Get answers to your questions on optimizing Amazon product listings by having in mind both: Amazon customers and Amazon algorithm.

Amy Wees

CEO of Amazing at Home Business Consulting

Clayton Atchison

Community Ambassador at Carbon6

Emma Schermer-Tamir

Owner of Marketing by Emma

Day 4 - Amazon Advertising (PPC)

November 17, 2022

Gilad Freimann

Founder and CEO at VAA Philippines

How can a Virtual Assistant run your PPC and get better results than you

Learn how a trained PPC VA could not only save you tons of time on running your PPC, but could actually increase your sales in a way that would by far exceed the cost of his/her work.

Florian Nottorf

Co-Founder & CEO at Adference GmbH

How to choose Amazon PPC bidding strategy?

Understand why rule-based management of PPC campaign bids does not always work and learn how you could reliably control your advertising costs and calculate bids according to your ACoS goals.

Brian Johnson

Co-founder at Canopy Management

5 advanced Amazon PPC strategies that help to scale your sales with advertising

Discover 5 advanced Amazon PPC strategies that will help you to increase profitability for both sponsored ads and organic sales by identifying your product’s differentiator, most important search terms, increasing traffic and conversion rates.

Mina Elias

Founder of Trivium Group

Amazon PPC product launch strategy that helps to build a good start to become a bestseller

Have a walkthrough of all components of a solid product launch from keyword research to understanding different metrics and learn a launch structure which helps to track analytics to identify issues for optimizing PPC campaigns beyond the launch.

Speaker Panel

How to increase sales and scale by using Amazon PPC in the right way? Ask the experts

Ask all your questions about how to set up and optimize Amazon PPC campaigns to sell more products without burning money and unlock the barrier to scale your business to the next level.

Ritu Java

Co-Founder of PPC Ninja

Tarik Berrada

CEO at m19

George Meressa

Founder of Clear Ads Ltd

Day 5 - Marketing / External Traffic

November 18, 2022

Lisa Kinskey

Marketing and Partnership Manager at GETIDA

10 tips about how to grow Amazon business and market your products

Have a walkthrough of 10 actionable marketing tips that will help you to grow your Amazon business, focusing mostly on multi-touch approach and various ways that will help to reach more potential customers.

Shawn Hart

Co-founder of Post Purchase PRO

3 undervalued Amazon product marketing strategies

Discover 3 strategies that help you to market your Amazon products by getting more information about your customers and engaging with them before and after they have purchased your product.

Brandon Nutter

Co-founder & CTO at AMPD

8 practical tips to create effective Google Ads to advertise Amazon products

Learn 8 practical tips that will help you to advertise Amazon products with Google ads more efficiently and get better click through rate and conversion rate when you drive external traffic to your product page or store.

Guy Heretz

CEO & Co-Founder at RPGECOM

How to create an Amazon product package design that helps to sell more products?

Learn how product package design can help you to target different audiences, improve discoverability and learn a strategy on how to develop the perfect package design for your product.

Joseph Harwood

VP of Northbound Group Europe

5 ways to increase profitability and get higher valuation when selling Amazon business

Understand 5 different areas from mindset, supply chain optimisation and supplier negotiation to utilizing Amazon PPC and DSP ads to increase the profitability of your Amazon business even if you are not considering selling your business right now.

But Wait a Minute… Who’s Hosting The Event?

augustas kligys

Known in the business simply as the “Amazon Summits Guy”, Augustas is committed to providing others with the opportunity to achieve success by offering powerfully informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller. Since 2016 he has recorded over 500 sessions with Amazon industry leaders, experts and speakers. Augustas is also the founder of Orange Klik Company and the following in-person events for Amazon sellers: European Seller Conference, Seller Fest and PPC Congress.


lisett lees

Lisett is an Amazon FBA Expert and Strategist who works with different brands helping them to stay on top of the Amazon game. She advises business owners on setting goals and managing the store, helps to create optimized product pages and uses Seller Central tools to build the best customer experience for the buyers in order to get more sales for the sellers. Since she started out in 2016 as an Amazon virtual assistant, her mission has been to help businesses run their Amazon stores cost-and time efficiently.

What you will learn during the Seller Fest Online?

During this event you’ll ace the essential parts of running a successful business on Amazon

Day 1: Amazon product launch

No matter if you are new to Amazon or have already been selling for years, knowing the latest product idea validation and product launch strategies is a must. Amazon marketplace is constantly changing and growing as e-commerce overall, so your top priority launching a new product has to be doing in-depth product research, market and competitor analysis by using the latest tools and data sources available.

Day 2: Amazon SEO, keyword research & ranking

For a product to show up in Amazon search results, the product listing has to be correctly optimized according to the best practices. and oftentimes it’s only 1-2 changes needed which would help you to improve your product ranking, outrank your competitors and increase sales velocity. Stop guessing which keywords work for your product and which not and learn how to use Amazon tools, flat files and competitors keyword data for your advantage to take a larger share of the market.

Day 3: Amazon Listing Optimization (creatives & copy)

Might sound cliche but you really do have less than 9 seconds to grab the attention of your potential Amazon customers. Having a unique main image will increase the likelihood of people clicking through to your product page significantly. To convince buyers to choose your product over your competitor product, you need to learn how to optimize all main product page elements and your storefront professionally to build a long-term relation with your customers.

Day 4: Amazon Advertising (PPC)


To get sales, you need people to visit your product page. To get people to open your product page, your product needs to show up on the search results page. While your product might rank organically, Amazon has increased the amount of placements where products become highly visible for shoppers when using Amazon PPC advertising. To stay on top of the game, you need to learn the latest strategies about how to build campaigns which help you to launch new products and scale your business without burning too much money.

Day 5: Amazon product Marketing & external traffic

Amazon is on the roll with launching new on-platform marketing tools for Amazon private label sellers and you should love it! Amazon has never encouraged seller to drive external traffic to their product pages and stores so much before and now even rewards them for it. To have the competitive advantage over your best- selling competitors, you need to start using the latest on and off Amazon marketing strategies and start driving external traffic from other available platforms where you shoppers spend time on.

Product marketing

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