45+ World-Class Private Label Experts Share What's Working Right Now In The Amazon FBA Business

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Learn how to grow your amazon FBA business, outrank the competition and make more sales.

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Here’s a summary of what you get

Seller Fest Online features talks
from 45+ Amazon industry experts on a broad range of subjects.

  • Watch 45+ free training sessions from Amazon industry experts
  • Get actionable advice you can apply immediately to stay ahead of the competition
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced level of Amazon FBA private label seller
  • Learn how to improve every part of your Amazon business, including:
  • Product Research, Development, and Sourcing
  • Rank Higher with Keyword Research and Listing Optimization
  • Product Launches, Marketing, and Driving External Traffic
  • Amazon PPC
  • Going International
  • Business Management
  • Business Growth

What Seller Fest Online Attendees Are Saying?

Here are some testimonials from Seller Fest Online 2020

Nuggets of invaluable information

The great thing was that every presenter left little nuggets of invaluable information that you would never see across YouTube videos, I learned some awesome information and tips to help me on my journey, and the conference as a whole validated my own decision that this is right for me. I have changed my mind as to how to move forward many times but the speakers have collectively given me a stronger knowledge foundation from which to build. Great job from the presenters, fantastic show from Orange Klik, thanks Augustas for answering my emails quickly and you can definitely count me in for the next one.

Ivan Vizor (UK)
Senior BDM at Brilliant Solutions

Not another seller summit

I started this online summit with the mindset of "another seller summit." After a few guest speakers and presentations, I realized that this summit was different, it was less pushy, and much more in-debt. Then as a bonus, mister Kevin King in a few hours long live Q&A, so great! Many of the presenters were from Europe or better said, not all coming from the USA, which is usually the case. Nothing wrong with that, is just a different market and situation in the EU. To conclude, very pleased and happy I invested these days and hours, real value and recommend you to check it out.

Richard Schouten (Spain)
Owner / Manager at RDS Brands

Extraordinary experience

Seller Fest has been an extraordinary experience in the ocean of webinars lately. Speakers from a variety of fields and from around the world shared their experience, their knowledge in a professional, clear, and inspiring way. I learned a lot and I applied some of the things. The organizers of the event did a great job and I wish they would continue in this tradition, well done!!

Erez (Israel)

Outstanding event with excellent content

As a new seller, I thought Seller Fest was outstanding - broad-ranging, up to date, full of excellent content, and very well presented with a wide variety of highly experienced and expert speakers. Really well done!

Paul B. (UK)
CFO at KiWi Power

Presentations From 45+ Amazon Experts

We’ve invited a variety of Amazon sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs to Seller Fest Online
to deliver masterclasses about every aspect of running a successful FBA business.

Kevin King Amazon

Kevin King

Product Savants

LIVE "Ask Me Anything"

Danny McMillan

Danny mcmillan

Seller Sessions

Launching In The EU - Pre and Post PPC

seth kniep

Just One Dime

How to Pick the Best Business Structure for Your Amazon FBA

Jana Krekic

jana krekic

YLT Translations

International Listings Gone Wrong

brian r. johnson

Canopy Management

Taking Market Share From Competitors

Marcel Marculescu IntelliSALES



How to Launch, Rank and Maintain your TOP Ranking Position on Amazon


Sourcing with Kian

How to Source from China

Carlos Alvarez


Blue Bird Marketing Solutions

Amazon Live Video for Product Launches

Brent Zahradnik


AMZ Pathfinder

Maximizing Store Page Results with Sponsored Brands



Systems Thinking In an Amazon Business

Emma Schermer Tamir


Marketing by Emma

Tips to Instantly Boost Your Amazon Listing Conversion Rates

Jon Tilley ZonGuru



"Win" Your Competitor's Keyword Rankings and Scale Your Amazon Sales Using the Halo Effect Method™

Sharon Even Amazon Alpha Coaching


Amazon Alpha Coaching

How to Find Products Through Solving Problems and Niches



80/20 Sourcing

Comparing Sourcing from Different Countries (China, India, Vietnam, etc.)

Meghla Bhardwaj India Sourcing Trip


India Sourcing Trip

How to Source Profitably from India

Kevin Sanderson


Maximizing Ecommerce

Choosing Your Path Beyond the US

danny carlson

Kenji ROI

Keyword Research & Relevancy Frameworks

Jérôme de Guigné



Building a Brand on Amazon, Globally

Alex Wyatt



Getting Your Business Ready for 2021

Oleg Zaidiner



Revenue Management for Amazon FBA

Josh Levine


Color More Lines

Authentic Storytelling Through Video

Massy Wahab


Orange Sellers

The Secret Psychology About Your Listing on Amazon

Lisett Lees



Ultimate Guide to Plan, Shoot or Order Amazon Product Photos

Anthony Cofrancesco



Hacking Your Customer's Brain: Visual Conversion Optimization for FBA

Marcin Chaszczewski


Amazing Work System

Organizing Your Work When You Work With Business Partners

Gilad Freimann


VAA Philippines

Finding VAs in Philippines for Your Amazon Business

Vadim Petrov



How to Increase Sales by Creating Images That Tell Your Product Story?

Ritu Java


PPC Ninja

Amazon PPC Tactics to Help you Scale Quickly

Guy Heretz



Launching and Getting Reviews by Using Product Variations

Jae Jun

jae jun

Gorilla ROI

5 Advanced Metrics Used by Million Dollar Sellers

Orion Avidan


Retail Add-Venture

Creating a Profit Flywheel Using New Products

Yoni Mazor



How to Minimize Amazon Fees & Increase Profit

Vitalii Khyzhniak


Profit Whales

Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Campaigns

Sacha Gorelik


Sacha Gorelik Copywriting

To EBC and Beyond...

Simas Želvys


7 Digit Amazon Seller

Treat Amazon Like a Real Business. Growth Story of a 7 Digit Amazon Seller

Tom Baker



Brexit: What Does It Mean for European Sellers

Refael Elbaz



Advanced shipping practices for Amazon Sellers

Othmane Sghir



A Data-Driven Approach to SEO on Amazon

Onn Manelson



Search Term Isolation for Advanced Amazon Sellers

Nikolay Barbanov



Alternative to Exit: What's Next - After You Have Built Your 6-7-8 Figure Amazon business?

Giacomo Romani


Koala Babycare

Growing Your Brand for More Amazon and off Amazon sales

George Tewson



Product Assurance and Quality Control

Viktor Villand


Tony & Vik

How to Create Competitive Advantage on Amazon

Anton Hermann



Best Pro Tips for Dealing with Amazon and the Seller Central

Neza Skorc



Profit Is the New ACoS

Vance Lee

vance lee

Playground Theory

The Launch Strategy That Raised $218k in 16 Days

dano falk


Visual E-Commerce Funnel Strategy

Bernie Thompson

Bernie thompson

Plugable Technologies, PPC Ninja

Global eCommerce - Solving Tax Challenges

antonio sena

PingPong Payments

Cross Border Payments: Expanding Sales Into New Amazon Markets, FBA v FBM

Meet Your Hosts

augustas kligys

Known in the business simply as the “Amazon Summits Guy”, Augustas is committed to providing others with the opportunity to achieve success by offering powerfully informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller. Since 2016 he has recorded over 400 sessions with Amazon industry leaders, experts and speakers. Augustas is also the founder of Orange Klik Company and the following in-person events for Amazon sellers: European Seller Conference, Seller Fest and PPC Congress.


lisett lees

Lisett started out in 2016 as an Amazon FBA store assistant and since then has been working daily with different Amazon FBA sellers. Years of experience as a store manager along with the mission of helping businesses run daily operations cost- and time efficiently has shaped her into a strategic partner for Amazon sellers. She helps to manage stores, product-related tasks, customer relations and the team while advising company owners to set their goals and strategy. She is the head of international e-commerce at the Estonian Export agency and a video host on the Orange Klik Youtube channel.

What’s included in Seller Fest Online?

Seller Fest Online is split into 7 different modules, with 45+ training sessions and talks.

Module 1: Product Research, Development, and Sourcing

As Amazon FBA becomes increasingly competitive, finding, developing, and sourcing products is becoming much harder. 

Throughout training sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify niches and products that solve problems and bring opportunities
  • Build a winning competitive edge for your products
  • Source products from a range of countries such as China, Vietnam or India
  • Make the highest possible margins with price negotiation techniques
  • Control product quality to avoid returns and customs issues
  • Deal with logistical issues when shipping products across the world
  • Find the right manufacturer for your business and build a stable relationship

Module 2: Rank Higher with Keyword Research and Listing Optimization 

Sourcing a great product isn’t enough. If your listing doesn’t rank high in Amazon’s search results, buyers will never find it. And if your listing isn’t as persuasive and informative as it could be, you’ll lose sales to competitors.

Throughout this module's sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an effective keyword strategy when launching new products
  • Use conversion copywriting to persuade buyers to purchase your products
  • Include persuasive images that tell your product story
  • Strategically plan your Amazon product photos
  • Use SEO tricks to get your listings ranking higher

Module 3: Product Launches, Marketing, and Driving External Traffic

Your product has arrived at Amazon, but in order to get sales, you need an effective marketing and launch strategy. 

Throughout all the sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get reviews and launch effectively with product variations
  • Use Amazon Video Live to demo your products in front of 1000’s of buyers
  • Drive external traffic to fuel the Amazon flywheel
  • Plan inventory for successful product launches
  • Tell authentic stories through product videos

Module 4: Amazon PPC

Amazon’s pay-per-click sponsored ad network has quickly become the most popular way for FBA sellers to drive product sales. And with some expert guidance, you could lower your ACoS, boost your sales, and defend against competitors.

Throughout this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the best use of sponsored brand ads with your Amazon store
  • Optimize your ad budget to maximize profitability
  • Run effective sponsored display and sponsored brand campaigns
  • Defend your market share against competitors looking to steal shoppers
  • Scale your ads quicker with expert tactics

Module 5: Going International

One of the most impactful ways to grow your revenue, without launching more products is to expand internationally.  But in order to do so, you need to learn new skills and overcome new challenges.

Throughout all the training sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Localize your product listings, so you’re ready to sell your products in other marketplace locations
  • Solve the tax challenges that come with operating an e-commerce business globally
  • Understand changes to VAT and the implications of Brexit when selling in the EU
Bonus: Watch a behind-the-scenes case study of how an Amazon business expanded internationally.

Module 6: Business Management

As your Amazon business grows, the ability to save time, run your operations efficiently and track its success become vital for your long-term success. 

 Throughout this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Effectively organize your work when dealing with business partners
  • Deal with Amazon and implement effective revenue management
  • Save time by systemizing your Amazon business
  • Increase your profitability by getting money from Amazon reimbursements

Bonus: ‘Ask me anything’ (AMA) session with renowned Amazon expert Kevin King.

Module 7: Business Growth

Once your Amazon business has fully taken off, it’s time to decide ‘what next?’. Should you expand to other e-commerce channels? Handoff tasks to win back more of your time? Or even sell your business?

Throughout the training sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find Filipino virtual assistants to outsource key business tasks and free up your time 
  • Diversify your revenue by growing your brand outside of Amazon 
  • Decide ‘what next?’ after building your 6, 7 or 8 figure Amazon business
  • Create a ‘profit flywheel’ with new products
  • Measure the health of your business with advanced metrics used by 7-figure sellers

Bonus: Listen to the growth story of how a 7-figure Amazon seller scaled his FBA business.

get 45+ Amazon TRAINING SESSIONS now

Improve every part of your Amazon FBA business with the help of industry experts

About Orange Klik - the Organizer

Orange Klik connects Amazon FBA private label sellers with leading industry experts to help eCommerce entrepreneurs turn their online business into a massive success. No matter if you are a beginner, still figuring out how to make money online, or an advanced Amazon seller with a strong experience in eCommerce, you will still be able to learn new things through Orange Klik's Youtube channel or virtual and in-person events organized throughout each year.

Since 2016 Orange Klik produced 6 virtual summits and 5 in-person conferences. Seller Fest Online is the 7th virtual summit in company's history.


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get 45+ Amazon TRAINING SESSIONS now

Improve every part of your Amazon FBA business with the help of industry experts