40 World-Class Private Label Experts Share What's Working Right Now In The Amazon FBA Business

Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Amazon FBA Business Thrive in 2024

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When? August 5-9, 2024

WheRE? Free Online Event

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Confirmed speakers

Steven Pope

Founder of My Amazon Guy

Amy Wees

Founder & CEO at Amazing at Home

Chris Rawlings

Founder at Sophie Society

Travis Zigler

CEO at Profitable Pineapple Ads

Brian Johnson

Co-Founder at DeepM Marketplace Intelligence

Joanna Lambadijieva

Founder & CEO at Amazing Wave

Danny McMillan

Founder of Seller Sessions

Bradley Sutton

Chief Evangelist & Director of Training at Helium 10

Tim Jordan

Chief Community Officer at Carbon6

Anthony Lee

Founder at A.I. Plus Automation

Andrew Morgans

Founder at Marknology

Kitty Lai

Creative Director & Founder at ME BRAND

Vanessa Hung

CEO at Online Seller Solutions

Daniela Bolzmann

Founder at Mindful Goods

Nathan Hirsch

Co-Founder at EcomBalance

George Meressa

CEO and Founder at Clear Ads Ltd

Max Sinclair

Founder & CEO at Ecomtent

Brent Zahradnik

Founder & CEO at AMZ Pathfinder

Alex B.

Co-Founder at Honest FBA

Janelle Page

Marketing and Business Growth Strategist

John Aspinall

Brand Evangelist at PickFu

Vincenzo Toscano

Founder and CEO at Ecomcy

Tyler Jefcoat

Founder & CEO of Seller Accountant

Elizabeth Greene

Co-Founder at Junglr

Tamara Zeravljev

CEO & Founder of Add2Ads

Gilad Freimann

Founder and CEO at VAA Philippines

Yulia Blinova

Founder at Zignify Global Product Sourcing

Ritu Java

CEO at PPC Ninja

Meghla Bhardwaj India Sourcing Trip

Meghla Bhardwaj

Co-Founder at India Sourcing Network

Brett Curry

CEO and Co-Founder at OMG Commerce

Neha Bhuchar

Co-Founder at atom11

Alina Vlaic

Founder at AZ Rank

Anthony Cofrancesco

Director of Customer Success at Data Dive

Izabella Ritz

CEO at Ritz Momentum

Kamal Singh

CEO and Founder at AMZ ONE STEP

Christian Kelm

VP of Product at AMALYZE

Dvir Cohen

CEO at ez-commerce

Demian Lazurko

CEO at My Real Profit

Jim Mann

VP of Europe at Getida